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I have translated the MailChimp provided MailChimp List Subscribe Form plugin for wordpress.

I used poEdit to edit. At wp-config.php I have language set as ar_SA. Which works for the themes I have used in two Bilingual sites. But the mo file had to be renamed to ar.mo

I got two problems:

  1. While updating the catalog poEdit crashes. But I could save the .po and generated .mo successfully.

  2. The translated .mo doesn't appear for the confirmation success or error messages through the Ajax calls which its supposed to.

I am submitting my .po file link here for experts to view. I have saved the settings for translation in the files.

Translated Bangla.po file || Translated Arabic.po file

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I have put the .mo files in the plugin's po/ folder and also tried putting them in the wp-content/languages folder. But the other languages doesn't appear in the frontend. – Lenin Dec 12 '12 at 14:40
I had to use ar.mo probably because the qTranslate plugin I have used changes the language at the HTML as <html dir="rtl" lang="ar">. Arabic language isn't listed in this plugin as ar_SA. – Lenin Dec 12 '12 at 14:43

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