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A WPF application consists of a uniform grid of arbitrary size. Each cell in the grid contains a canvas. Each canvas is a target for a drag and drop operation.

When I drag another canvas and drop it onto a canvas inside the grid I want the top left corners of the dragged canvas(source) and the target canvas to align, essentially placing the source on top of the target. The behaviour I'm looking for is a snap-to-grid effect.

Currently when I use element.GetValue(Canvas.LeftProperty) the result in NaN. The problem is to determine the position of the corner for a canvas inside the grid, but relative to the entire window. I would prefer to use the grid, as it automatically resize as the window resize.

Is it possible to get the actual position of a canvas inside a grid even when the grid size changed or alternatively specify a canvas to be aligned to another canvas inside the grid?

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Try Point p = yourCanvas.TranslatePoint(new Point(0, 0), Window.GetWindow(yourCanvas)); – Florian Gl Dec 12 '12 at 14:41
You should be able to get the relative position by TransformToAncestor. – Clemens Dec 12 '12 at 14:44
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This problem was solved by drawing each canvas onto another canvas by specifying the top and left properties of the canvas, I had to scratch the grid. I specified the position of every canvas by using

Canvas.SetLeft(Me, position.X)
Canvas.SetTop(Me, position.Y) 

where Me is an instance of the canvas.

It is now easy to get the top and left properties of every canvas. The only problem now is I have to implement the resizing of every canvas manually.

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