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I have many strings in the following format. Only the portion after the last "/" is different...


I need to capture only the portion after the last "/".

Any help is appreciated.

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str.split('/').last where str is your string

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Ah! And I had been banging my head with regex's for way too long! Thanks! – ricsrock Dec 12 '12 at 14:44

Don't use regexes when not necessary

s = ""

s.split('/').last # => "_8gq3ecpo6gp3ib9n8h0jeb9k8l13ab9o85346b9k8gqk4g9h74s4aea26s"
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Splitting the string on / is one way, as shown in other answers.

URLs are basically filenames, so you can also use File.basename:

=> "foo"

Or, in your case:

=> "_8gq3ecpo6gp3ib9n8h0jeb9k8l13ab9o85346b9k8gqk4g9h74s4aea26s"

Technically, the correct way to do it is to treat the URL as what it is, and break it apart using tools designed to do that:

require 'uri'
uri = URI.parse("")
=> "_8gq3ecpo6gp3ib9n8h0jeb9k8l13ab9o85346b9k8gqk4g9h74s4aea26s"

But, it's pretty trivial to do it the other way, and is usually safe.

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