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I am currently using VMC version 0.4.3 and it seems that the following command to add environment variables does not work in this version:

vmc env-add {app-name} {key=value}

This utility command worked for vmc version 0.3.14 and now I cannot use it on the latest version.

Get the following message on using this command: "Unknown command 'env-add'. See 'help' for available commands."

It would be great if someone could shed more light on this matter please.

Thanks a lot for the help.



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In the more recent versions of VMC, the env commands have been changed to the following;

To view an apps environment variables

vmc env [application name]

To set an environment variable

vmc set-env [application name] key=value

To unset an environment variable

vmc unset-env [application name] key

We are currently working on updating the online documentation for the more recent versions of VMC.

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Thanks a lot for the great help Dan! –  Kinjal Doshi Dec 12 '12 at 15:45

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