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I have a numeric field in my report that I perform the operation Time({Command.EndTime}/60,Remainder({Command.EndTime},60),0) on. Basically the field is a time field but my predecessor used a numeric field to represent it for some unknown reason. The field is the number of minutes past midnight. For example: 60 is 1am, 65 is 01:05 am...) I would like to report it in a form that is more human friendly. However, I got this error "Numeric overflow" and wonder what might have caused it. Normally, the cause of this error is a division by zero but the divisor is clearly 60. If I just used {Command.EndTime}, the report was fine... The database is huge with millions of records, so scanning the report line by line is only my last resort. Is there a way to know what was wrong in the data or better yet get around the error mentioned above? Thanks!

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The first parameter to Time() has to be a whole number. Try this instead:


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Yep...indeed!! Thank you Ryan! very much appreciated! –  user1205746 Dec 12 '12 at 18:05

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