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It's possible to add macros from a macro-enabled PowerPoint (pptm) presentation from the ribbon by right clicking in the ribbon and selecting Choose commands from: Macros.

I want this to be available at any time, so I've saved the pptm file as an add-in (ppam) and loaded the add-in.

However, I find that it is not possible to add the macro from the add-in in the ribbon. How can this be done? Do I somehow need to register all available Subs from Auto_Open or similar with something like:

Sub MyCommand()
MsgBox "This worked"
End Sub

Sub Auto_Open()
' Magic code allowing me to add the above to the ribbon
End Sub

Thanks! Troels

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You need to add special XML code to the PPTM file to make the ribbon mods you want and hook the button clicks to the VBA routines in the file. Google "Ribbon XML" (without quotes) for starters. There are a couple of decent free apps that help create/edit Ribbon XML.

The free Office Ribbon Editor from Leaf Creations ( is a good place to start.

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Thanks! This did the job. – user1898148 Feb 6 '13 at 4:44

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