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Might be simple but can´t find why

I cannot access list attributes in my view:

As you can see, I have a class that contains a list of RelacionamentoNomeadoModel class Model:

    public class RelacionamentoNomeadoModel
        public int idRelacionamento { get; set; }
        public string nomeTipoRight { get; set; }
        public string nomeTipoLeft { get; set; }

    public class RelacionamentoListModel
        public List<RelacionamentoNomeadoModel> lista { get; set; }

Now I build the model and populate the RelacionamentoNomeadoModel class to later add it to the class containing the List Controller

var relacionamentoObj = from r in context.sistema_relacionamento
                                        join d in context.sistema_DocType on r.idTipoLeft equals d.id
                                        select new tgpwebged.Models.SettingsModels.RelacionamentoNomeadoModel
                                           idRelacionamento = r.id,
                                           nomeTipoLeft = d.tipoName,
                                           nomeTipoRight = d.tipoName

                return PartialView(relacionamentoObj.ToList());

And the last I am trying to acces rela.lista.idRelacionamento or any other property. I am able to access them from the controller bu not after I pass to the view View

    List<tgpwebged.Models.SettingsModels.RelacionamentoListModel> relacionamentos = Model;

    foreach(var rela in relacionamentos) {


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The problem is that you are passing to the View a collection of RelacionamentoNomeadoModel objects, while in the view you expect that the Model be a collection of tgpwebged.Models.SettingsModels.RelacionamentoListModel. Don't know why you need RelacionamentoListModel class, but I think that if you use this code will be working fine:

    List<RelacionamentoNomeadoModel> relacionamentos = Model;

    foreach(var rela in relacionamentos) {
       // DO SOMETHING
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You are passing the data to the View as a strongly typed model so you will need to add below line to your view:

     @model ProjectName.Models.YourModelName
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