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Is there an API for Google Play store, that can among others be used

  • to query the price of an app or
  • to access the wishlist of an account, that is connected to the device?
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Nope there is no official API. There are 3rd party attempts to provide an API that likely rely on screen scraping the web version of the Market however I personally wouldn't suggest relying on such things to stick around. If google wanted to give API access they would, since they haven't it seems likely they might actively work to break the unofficial ones –  FoamyGuy Dec 12 '12 at 15:06

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You can query the price of products with in-app billing v3. There is no official API to query the Market/Play Store. Whishlist is private data, so it is really a good thing that they don't expose it to third-party apps.

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