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I Have a DataGrid in my Window, and i need to automatically resize the column's width to fit content. But i have an obstacle:

  • If his content is smaller than his header, the size of the header should prevail;
  • His content is automatically update by a Binding, linked to a TextBox. So... when user focuses to another field, the column representing that field will update. It already happens when the newest content is bigger than the previous data.
  • I'm using MVVM, and this component its a UserControl extended of a DataGrid. I can't use some resources than we have in Code-Behind, but i could use (it's not a best way to do) MVVM Binding to resize it. I really want do make a generic solution.

I'll appreciate for any help.

Best regards,


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According to this answer: DataGrid column width doesn't auto-update, columns won't shrink automatically. If I understand you correctly, that's your problem?

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Yes, and we really need to shrink automatically. I'll gonna read this article and try to implement it. Thanks. –  Gustavo Gonçalves Dec 12 '12 at 16:41

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