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I have two dataframes (df) that share a column header named In the 1st df, records are repeated a variable number of times based on the number of trees monitored within each plot. The 2nd df only has a single record for each, and contains a variable named load that is collected at the plot-level (not tree-level like in the 1st df) and thus is only listed once per plot record.

OBJECTIVE: I need to repeat the load values from the 2nd df based on how many times is repeated in the 1st df (all plots are repeated a different number of times). My example dfs are below:

 df1 <- data.frame( = rep(c("plot1", "plot2", "plot3"), c(3,2,5)),
             tree.tag = c(111,112,113,222,223,333,334,335,336,337)) 

 df2 <- data.frame( = c("plot1", "plot2", "plot3"), load=c(17, 6, 24))

I have gotten close to solving this, but alas I'm on day 2 of problem-shooting and can't get it!

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Use match:


The result of the above is: load
1     plot1   17
1.1   plot1   17
1.2   plot1   17
2     plot2    6
2.1   plot2    6
3     plot3   24
3.1   plot3   24
3.2   plot3   24
3.3   plot3   24
3.4   plot3   24
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