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In jquery from version 1.7 to latest

$('option:selected[text~="some text"]')

returning empty array.

In previous versions its working good.

Why? Bug?

Update: html:

<select class='txt :required' name='terms' size="30" style="width:277px"
    onchange="reset_cost()" id="terms">
  <option label="авто/мото" value="1">авто/мото</option>
  <option label="бизнес/финансы" value="16">бизнес/финансы</option>
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We need to see your HTML before we can make that determination –  Explosion Pills Dec 12 '12 at 15:20
text isn't an attribute... does that selector work in a stylesheet? I would consider that selector working in 1.7 being a bug. –  Kevin B Dec 12 '12 at 15:26

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Based on the html you posted you need to change text to label.

$('option:selected[label~="some text"]')
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The [] syntax is for selecting attributes. text is not an attribute. To select based on the text of an element use :contains.

$('option:selected:contains("some text")')

Since you're using ~=, which looks between word boundaries, you might want to change the selector (note the space before some text)

$('option:selected:contains(" some text")')
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