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So I'm trying to set the query parameters and category parameters for google custom search. Here is an example search results page url:


So it looks like the default query parameter is q so I put q in the box when setting up the analytics portion for my google custom search engine. Is this ok? I read it wasn't ok to use q but to instead use query? And why does it matter?

Also should I set a category parameter that looks to be optional.

Thanks, Dusty

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The Google Search API just uses q. AFAIK the API doesn't have a query parameter. Check out the custom search API documentation.

Not sure what you mean by the 'category' parameter. Haven't come across that one before.

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<gcse:search gname='google1'></gcse:search>


window.google.search.cse.element.getElement("google1").execute("hello world");

But you need to wait for the Google script to load before launching the javascript.

If you use searchresults-only instead of search, you also need to enable the correct layout in the CSE Control Pannel: https://www.google.com/cse/

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