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I am looking for a way to make text in a label scale-able to it fit in entire parent container. The one way I can think of is to get the container size on window re-size and then increase or decrease font size accordingly, but that would limit its possibilities.

Wondering if there is a better way of doing this, that may work more like an anchor property in Winforms application.

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I knew the answer is hidden somewhere in graphic object and paint event, playing around with these 2 keywords solved my problem. Here is the solution that worked in my particular case.

I am simply changing the font size on paint event for my label as follows:

private void myLabel_Paint(object sender, PaintEventArgs e)
     float fontSize = NewFontSize(e.Graphics, parentContainer.Bounds.Size, myLabel.Font, myLabel.Text);
     Font f = new Font("Arial", fontSize, FontStyle.Bold);
     myLabel.Font = f;

Where as the NewFontSize function looks like this:

public static float NewFontSize(Graphics graphics, Size size, Font font, string str)
    SizeF stringSize = graphics.MeasureString(str, font);
    float wRatio = size.Width / stringSize.Width;
    float hRatio = size.Height / stringSize.Height;
    float ratio = Math.Min(hRatio, wRatio);
    return font.Size * ratio;

I also found this article helpful

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Works very well! Thanks. – nozzleman Nov 17 '14 at 7:59
What is parentContainer??? Can you send a url with full code? Thanks! – Xarialon Dec 1 '15 at 23:51

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