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I need to replace old event listener code with a new, but without deleting old:


need to be replace by:


Adding new code to element's onChange event via JQuery was simple:

var element = $('element');
var _onchange = element.onchange;
element.onchange = function() {
        //some additional code
        if (typeof(_onchange) == 'function') {

Now I need to rewrite it using Prototype.. I suppose it will be like:

element.observe('change', function() {

    // new code here
    // then old onChange


How can I grab existing onChange's code?..

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You actually don't need to .bindAsEventListener() except in rare cases

so adding the event observing to an element

    //onchange code

If you do this - it will add the new code as an observer without deleting any other observers setup for that element and event

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yes, this works! thanks! –  Vladimir Kishlaly Dec 12 '12 at 15:57

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