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How would I rotate a static model in XNA? The model is loaded into a separate class called 'ModelManager':

I needed to rotate the model called 'track_new' but it is stored as a whole with other models. Would the rotation go under the 'modelManager' class or the main 'Game!.cs' file?

Here is my code:

public class ModelManager : DrawableGameComponent
    List<BasicModel> models = new List<BasicModel>();

    public ModelManager(Game game) : base(game) { }    
    public override void Initialize()

    protected override void LoadContent()
        models.Add(new BasicModel(Game.Content.Load<Model>(@"Models\track_new")));

    public override void Update(GameTime gameTime)
        for (int i = 0; i < models.Count; ++i)

    public override void Draw(GameTime gameTime)
        foreach (BasicModel bm in models)
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The Model.Draw method accepts a World and a View matrix - you should be able to specify a different World matrix for that model alone to achieve the effect required.

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