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Trying to use Spring Net Social Dropbox

OAuthToken oauthToken = dropboxServiceProvider.OAuthOperations.FetchRequestTokenAsync(callBackUrl, null).Result;

OAuth1Parameters parameters = new OAuth1Parameters();

parameters.Add("locale", CultureInfo.CurrentUICulture.IetfLanguageTag); // for a localized version of the authorization website
string authenticateUrl = dropboxServiceProvider.OAuthOperations.BuildAuthorizeUrl(oauthToken.Value, parameters);
Console.WriteLine("Redirect user for authorization");

After redirecting user to authenticate him with dropbox how to get the request access token as I am the request would be going to call back url.

Can I create new instance of OAuthToken and new instance of dropboxserviceprovider and use it to get the access token.

AuthorizedRequestToken requestToken = new AuthorizedRequestToken(oauthToken, null);

OAuthToken oauthAccessToken = dropboxServiceProvider.OAuthOperations.ExchangeForAccessTokenAsync(requestToken, null).Result;

/* API */
IDropbox dropbox = dropboxServiceProvider.GetApi(oauthAccessToken.Value, oauthAccessToken.Secret);
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You can store the access token in the session. You can create a DropboxServiceProvider any time you need, what's important is the oauth access token. Take a look to the MVC quickstart provided in the package.

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