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my models

class House
 has_many :taggings
 has_many :tags, through: :taggings

class Tag
 has_many :taggings
 has_many :houses, through: :taggings


scope "/:locale" do
resources :houses do
  collection do
    get 'tags/:tag', to: 'houses#index', as: :tag

House controller:

if params[:tag]
      @houses = House.tagged_with(params[:tag])
      @tag = Tag.find_by_name(params[:tag])

House index view

- @houses.each do |house|
 = raw house.tags.map(&:name).map { |t| link_to t, tag_houses_path(t), class: active_class?(tag_houses_path(t)) }.join

I want to show the tags with links to taggged pages. This works fine, but when 2 houses are tagged with the same tagname (1 in DB) the view shows 2 the same tags. (By example house 1 and 2 are tagged with "family" i see 2 family tags on the index page) How can i fix this?


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You want the set of tags that are attached to at least one house, right?

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when 1 house has a relationship to tag "family" the tag is showed 1 times, when 2 different houses are tag with family > 2 familie tags are showed - when 3 different houses are tag with family > 3 familie tags are showed. So in my case 5 houses are tagged with "family" , 5 tags with the name "family is showed, instead of one family tag. That's the problem...remco –  Remco Dec 12 '12 at 16:29

Not sure what you want your view to exactly look like, but the following statement will give you the unique set of tags associated with all the houses in the view/array:

@houses.collect {|h| h.tags.collect {|x| x.name}}.flatten.uniq
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