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I've created and pushed a gem to rubygems. I can install using:

'gem install mygem'
=> mygem installed


# Gemfile
gem 'mygem', git: ''

But if I put only gem 'mygem' in my Gemfile and bundle install, I receive this error:

Fetching gem metadata from
Fetching gem metadata from
Could not find gem 'mygem (>= 0) ruby' in the gems available on this machine.

The gem was pushed to rubygems 3pm GMT. Not sure if the metadata bundler is fetching is the same as metadata used with gem install.

Before adding mygem to the Gemfile, I have successfully bundle install 30 other gems. Also note the available on this machine part. Why not in any sources like I've seen many times before?

Bundler version 1.2.2
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Just run into same problem. Igust put 'gem 'iso_3166'' in the Gemfile. I do install the gem from command line (gem install iso_3166', then run bundle, in which case it works fine. But if I unustall local gem, bundle fails. The same trick works on production. Hope this is a temporary problem with rubygems. – sergeych Dec 12 '12 at 21:15
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Correction: after some time my just added gem appeared where bundler looks for them. Apparently gem lists bundler use are being updated rarely. So, with gems under development, just use :git notation in the Gemfile:

gem 'iso_3166', :git => ''
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