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Hello i wanna use this php code to count jpg files in a dic.

$directory = "../images/team/harry/";
if (glob($directory . "*.jpg") != false)
 $filecount = count(glob($directory . "*.jpg"));
 echo $filecount;
 echo 0;

How can i use now $filecount in my mootool script? Best regards Matthias.

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Use Ajax for get your value –  ke20 Dec 12 '12 at 16:01

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PHP is a server-side language. Mootools is JavaScript, right?


var myRequest = new Request({
    url: 'http://yourserver.com/jpgs.php',
    onSuccess: function(res, xml){

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You just need to echo out $filecount as inline javascript or you can request the result over Ajax.

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