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So, I'm trying to analyse some of my program's MySQL queries. However, while I've got MySQL general query logging turned on, and can view the log file in a text editor (eg. notepad++), the program writes 1000s of lines of query a minute, so I could do with a slightly better program for reading the logs. Things that would be nice:

  • Better syntax highlighting.
  • Real-time updating.
  • doesn't get too slow when looking at long files
  • Handles random binary sequences in the log without breaking

Any suggestions?

Edit: Windows-7 compatible programmes only

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I typically just tail -f the log. . . –  jchapa Dec 12 '12 at 16:06

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pt-query-digest from the Percona Toolkit (= Maatkit, but Maatkit will not be developed any further, so switch to the Percona Toolkit). Don't use as a 'live' inspector though, but just as a bulk tool.

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You can try using tail -f <file_path>. That will follow the log as it's appended to.

Additionally, you could give multitail a try. It supports syntax highlighting (through regex).

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Use mysql log tables like general log and slow query log.

Update your mysql config file with:

slow-launch-TIME = 2
log-output = TABLE


You can use MySQL Administrator to view logs(general log, slow query log, error log).


You can also view that log file using TextPad software. It can support a file more than a GB to read write.

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So far, from testing out a bunch of programmes, the best option I've found is baretail, which has good real-time updating and handles large files reasonably well. It could do with better MySql-specific syntax, but it's not bad.

Alternatively, it turns out that there are actually options in notepad++ (in preferences: misc) to turn on real-time updating, but this doesn't work well unless you have focus on the notepad++ window

There's also a windows implementation of tail

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You could use some of the many logging analysis services around.

Some include



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