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I am calling a JavaScript function from the code behind by adding it the the OnUnload event, because I need it to fire when the user exits the window or navigates to a new page.

bodyName.Attributes.Add("OnUnload", "JSFucntionName");

This function is firing on all browsers when a user refreshes or navigates to a new page, and it is firing on IE, Chrome, and Firefox when a user exits, but not on Safari.

Does Safari not call the OnUnload event when the user exits the window? Or is there a work-around for calling a JavaScript function in Safari on a user exit?

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Some actions are not allowed during unload phase in some browsers HTML5 Spec. ("The showModalDialog(), alert(), confirm() and prompt() methods are now allowed to do nothing during pagehide, beforeunload and unload events."), sometimes the event is omitted because in modern WebKit the PageCache might be used. Can you set up a test page? – Tobias Krogh Dec 30 '12 at 19:18

You can try calling onpagehide instead as a workaround, I believe it is called when the the page is closed as well:

window.onpagehide = function() {
    // some code here.
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