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and if so, how do I find out how it differs from the current version (7.x)? Is there a way to get API documentation for old versions of the plugin?

We have a customer with what they claim might be a 5.x deployment of Google Earth Enterprise. We are attempting to develop a solution using the browser plugin, but dont have ready access to their deployment (it is on a secure network), and none of the personnel we have access to seem to know anything about the deployment other than it exists.

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In general this type of product support question is better suited for the Google forums than StackOverflow.

That said, existing enterprise customers can contact file a support case, and request an older version (only current and last versions are officially supported).

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Thanks. I suspected that was the appropriate place and I did post the same question there, but have not received a response. (…). –  chuck Dec 13 '12 at 1:57

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