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So I am using Statusdashboard (https://github.com/obazoud/statusdashboard), it is a simple tool to check whether a website is up or not (I know I can use Monit too, but I want to give Node JS a try that's why I am using this.)

This seems to work great when using 'http' in the settings file, but as soon as I try checking status of a website which uses 'https' protocol it gives out an error statement both on console and the dashboard - "SSL23_GET_SEVER_HELLO:unknown protocol". I figured it out that this has to do something with node HTTPS.

Just wondering if anyone has ever encountered this error before.

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Getting the same error here... also looking for answers.... –  TheHippo Dec 19 '12 at 20:29
I tried using http instead of https and I can check the status of the website, though this solution doesn't work everywhere. –  TheZelus Dec 20 '12 at 3:02

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Reason for the error is probably that you service only speaks SSLv3. Node HTTPS uses SSLv2 as default.

I faced the same problem and solved it following this hint

SSL Error in nodejs

Hope this helps

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