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I was trying to highlight certain dates in a calendar using jQuery datepicker. I found the following code on this forum from Mark Murphy, jquery datepicker highlight dates which works perfectly, butt there are a couple of bits in the code that I don't understand. I can't post a comment on the original answer as I don't have enough privileges.

What I would like to know is:

1) what is the purpose of the || '' in the bit which returns the matching date (function returns true)?

2) what is the purpose of the , when the function returns false?

$(document).ready(function() {

var dates = {'2012/6/4':'some description' , '2012/6/6':'some other description'}; 

   beforeShowDay: function(date) {

       var search = date.getFullYear() + "/" + (date.getMonth() + 1) + "/" + (date.getDate());


       if (dates[search]) {
           return [true, 'highlight', dates[search] || ''];

       return [false, '', ''];

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1) dates[search] || '' means that if dates[search] is not defined, it will return a void string

2) return [false, '', ''] return an array of 3 elements with values : false, void string, void string

The definition of the array to return from JQueryUI web site :


A function takes a date as a parameter and must return an array with [0] equal to true/false indicating whether or not this date is selectable, [1] equal to a CSS class name or "" for the default presentation, and [2] an optional popup tooltip for this date. It is called for each day in the datepicker before it is displayed.

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Ok, yes I had looked at the API link (I should have mentioned) but it doesn't mention about the option for returning something if the result is undefined - I assume that must be a standard JavaScript thing? I have searched on this forum and generally but haven't found any other examples of this. –  cpr Dec 13 '12 at 9:54
Also is void string the same as empty string? (which is how I would describe ''). And for part 2) I'm not seeing 3 elements at all there, only 2. Could you please explain how "," equates to void string, void string? Sorry if all this is really obvious - I am quite new to JavaScript. –  cpr Dec 13 '12 at 9:56
Tried to edit previous comment but not allowed - please ignore the question about there being 3 elements - I see this now - still getting used to the syntax! The question about whether void string is the same as empty string still remains... –  cpr Dec 13 '12 at 10:04
You can't return undefined, return return [true, '', '']; if the date is selectable or return [false, '', '']; if not. And, of course, add special class (param 2) and tooltip info (param 3) if needed –  sdespont Dec 13 '12 at 14:09
I'm just trying to understand the syntax in the return, where you've explained that whatever appears after the || is returned if dates[search] is actually not defined. I've not seen a return statement before which specifies what to do if something is undefined. Do you have a reference you could point me at? I'm still not clear why it's used in this case - if dates[search] is not defined then wouldn't the function return false anyway? –  cpr Dec 13 '12 at 14:46

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