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I've been looking around for quite a while now and can't really find a complete example and may just be missing some small element.

I'm trying to create a WPF Theme/Style/ControlTemplate/etc for a WINDOW. The one where Window borders set to none, allow transparency, and background set to transparent. So, yes, this means I have to define the buttons, borders, background, etc as I've found in other samples.

I've found a few links that utilize (and have that working) through the use of a "Thumb" control anchored to the lower-right.

What I'm missing is how to do resize from the respective borders that are constructed within the new ControlTemplate of the theme. I do have the buttons working for things like min/max/restore/close, but can't quite get how to handle the resize.


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I've used this link once. If I remember well, the resize border could be set to work as an arbitrary amount of pixels from the sides of the Window, even without a "real" border element.


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So far, looking very promising... –  DRapp Dec 12 '12 at 19:15
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