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Is that a google maps issue? or a street can have more than a zip code?

It's a little bit tricky because the google maps api has the same ambiguity. And since I use the formatted address, it contains the sublocality. So the address is displayed sometimes "17 State St Brooklyn New York" and some other times "17 State St Manhattan New York".

Manhattan zip code

enter image description here

Brooklyn zip code

enter image description here

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Some buildings have their own zip code, but in any case, this is not a programming question. –  Marcelo Dec 12 '12 at 17:58
May be I wasn't clear enough because I don't understand yet the way US zip codes work. All I want to know is why the same street is assigned to two separated areas as Brooklyn and Manhattan which can lead to confusions –  Omaty Dec 14 '12 at 9:05

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Zip codes are based on postal carrier routes, there is no requirement that a street be in a single zip code. Zip Code Tabulation Areas are polygons that roughly correspond to those routes and are used for lots of data collection like the census. What you use it for will determine what you want. The Geocoder/Reverse Geocoder return/use zip codes.

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Even if google maps uses ZCTA (ZIP Code Tabulation Areas) in stead of Postal Service ZIP Codes. I don't inderstand why the same point can be affected to two separated areas. I've found a web site where we can see the polygons of each ZCTA code ziplookup.appspot.com and the zones 11201 and 10004 seem to be enough separated to not be confused! Also when I look for Brooklyn NY on google maps, it draws a clear area far enough from State Street. So why it assign this street to Brookly sub-area. Sorry but I'm always not inderstanding! –  Omaty Dec 14 '12 at 9:01

Actually, there is a building which is quite big enough to touch the areas of different areas near by. So When you click on it and check what is there, the address is displayed based on which place the particular part of building is located. For making this sure, you can go to maps.google.com and zoom to that area, you ll see a building there that is divided by Pearl street. Hope this helps.

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