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With the Kendo UI grid (as shipped by Telerik) is it possible to allow grouping on some columns yet not on others? The demo example shows groupable: true as a grid-level property. The documentation reads groupable Boolean | Object(default: false). Can the groupable property be set to false on a column object, to override the grid-level groupability at the column-level?

 dataSource: {
     data: createRandomData(50),
     pageSize: 10
 columns: [
         field: "Name"
         groupable: false,    /*  ?prevent grouping on birthdate? */
         field: "BirthDate",
         title: "Birth Date",
         template: '#= kendo.toString(BirthDate,"dd MMMM yyyy") #'
  groupable: true


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Yay you almost self answered your question. Yes you can, here is sample column definition.

        "title": "Birth Date",
        "field": "BirthDate",
        "groupable": false

Make sure you use Q3 2012, I am not sure if it is supported in previous versions.

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Interestingly, columns.sortable and columns.filterable are in the API docs, but columns.groupable is not. –  CodingWithSpike Dec 13 '12 at 3:26
Probably it was recently added and the documentation is not updated. –  Petur Subev Dec 13 '12 at 7:59

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