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Let's assume I am a total newbie to CakePHP. Let's further assume I have written my User authentication exactly as it was written in this tutorial (Except for the mistake in it that made me waste more than an hour trying to figure out).

The Migration Guide for 2.3 says that bcrypt has been added to the core hash algorithms. The only hint on how to actually achieve this is:

You can now use Blowfish in your $authenticate array to allow bcrypt passwords to be used.

I have absolutely no idea what this means and how exactly I now can use bcrypt here. Googling it only led to the guide, which doesn't guide me. I would love to know how exactly I can activate this - where to put the option and what to write so it works, assuming my setup is like in the tutorial mentioned above.

Also, does this require a special version of PHP or would it work on any supported by CakePHP?

Thank you.

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If you are going to use code that is not yet stable (2.3 is RC) docs will be scares and you will need to figure a few things out without docs. Even though there are no docs, the code is freely available and has comments

Blowfish has its own Auth adaptor you would need to use.

You could also view the tests if the docs dont help, as the tests provide 100's of examples its far better than any docs.

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If you were already using Form authenticate successfully, you swap 'Form' for 'Blowfish' as your authenticate adaptor, i.e.

class AppController extends Controller {
    public $helpers = array("Html","Form", "Js", "Csv");
    public $components = array(
           'Auth' => array(
                'authenticate' => array(
                    'Blowfish' => array(/* your settings */) 
        /* ... */

Then you need to change your calls to AuthComponent::password (if you followed the tutorial probably in your User model's beforeSave) from




because the password method of AuthComponent is implemented to use your Security.salt setting, which won't work with blowfish (it generates a new salt and stores it in the password hash).

Also note that the implementation in CakePHP prefixes the salt with $2a$ which had security problems before PHP 5.3.7 (see this note).

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