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I have an assignment to loop through a single column table "contracts", and for each loop call a program "MyProgram" using the values from contracts. And finally present the results in a table for all loops.


P01   C04    CH45     T31
100    11    302     -872
9.63   0     45.2     342

The values for each contract is generated in MyProgram that takes in contract as an argument and generate a column of results with same contract as title. So using MyProgram for contract P01 give


So far my program looks like

SELECT distinct contract FROM bs_case
COPY TO contracts.dbf
    NbContracts =RECCOUNT()

counter  = 1

DO WHILE counter < NbContracts
    && calling MyProgram ()
    counter = counter + 1

I haven't been able to extract contract name from "Contracts.dbf" and don't really know how to create the final result file "ResultFile.dbf"

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Try this, it's pseudo but should work:

CREATE CURSOR MyResults ( columnName C(10), value1 I, value2 N(8,2) )  &&Result cursor
SELECT contracts
LOCATE   &&Go to top of file.
SCAN     &&start loop
     =MyProgram(FIELD(1), contracts.ColumnName)  &&Pass name of column and it's value

SELECT MyResults  &&View results.

PROCEDURE MyProgram(fieldname, value1)
    ***Do stuff to
    ***generate calculatedvalue1 and calculatedvalue2

    ***Insert name of column, value1 and value2
    INSERT INTO MyResults (columnName, value1, value2) ;
        VALUES(fieldname, calculatedvalue1, calculatedvalue2)
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Its working great! Is there a way to have MyResults with generic number of rows? –  Orongo Dec 12 '12 at 23:42
In foxpro, each row number can be retrieved with the ?RECNO(). So you could do: SELECT RECNO() as rownum, * FROM MyResults INTO CURSOR MyResults. Or create an AUTOINC column when defining the cursor. CREATE CURSOR MyResults (myField i AUTOINC NEXTVALUE 1 STEP 1, myfield2 C(10), etc...). Be sure to mark as answer if this helped. –  Jerry Dec 13 '12 at 13:38
Hi, I was a bit hasty with my reply. After the first loop, my procedure don't pick up the second value of the row C04. The Field() gives the field name, and I only have one field contract. How do I get the values from each row by iterating? Using RECNO() gives the the row number but I want the content of the row and not the row number –  Orongo Dec 13 '12 at 20:41
if you table is "Contracts" and your field/column is named "contract", then doing this will give you the value of the current row: x = contracts.contract. "x" will contain the value of the column. So in the MyProgram procedure, "value1" contains the value you are looking for. –  Jerry Dec 15 '12 at 1:59

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