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I'm testing a controller in my application and have the following code in my controller:

describe CsdlController do
    describe "GET /csdl/inclusive" do
        before do 
            # Create domains that are included
            @domain = create(:validated_domain)
        it "returns a CSDL with valid domains" do
            get "/csdl/include.json"
            response.body.should =~ /#{@domain.text}/

I also have the following route:

match "/csdl/:type" => 'csdl#show'

However when I run the specs it gives me the following error:

No route matches {:controller=>"csdl", :action=>"/csdl/include.json"}

I have a feeling that I'm using RSpec incorrectly here but not sure how to solve it. Any ideas?

I should add that it seems to work perfectly when I actually call it through my browser.

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In controller tests you call actions via name not via route paths:

get :show, type: 'include', format: 'json'
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