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I'm using GlotPress to translate some projects. I've encountered a problem when the translator used this word : "Подписка" the last "а" is a Cyrillic one and not the "regular a".

Here's and example of what is happening :

If I export the .po, open it on poedit, the .mo file is correct (no errors shown), they only appear when using the .mo directly from GlotPress.

I can not ask the translators to avoid the Cyrillic а, also I don't know if this is happening with any other character in any other language. Also I can not ask them to download the file, open it on poedit and save it.

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There is generally nothing special about а. Does it happen with other words with а ? Does it happen with other words with а in the end? Does it happen with other words? – Esailija Dec 13 '12 at 19:52

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