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I would like to override the Magento Admin core controller in app/code/local folder.

I need to override the app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/controllers/CustomerController.php

in app/code/local/Mage/Adminhtml/controllers/CustomerController.php path.

i have copied the core files and created the same path in local folder.

Still the files are not loading from local folder, it only loading from core files.

I have cleared the Magento cache and set the File permission(777) for all folder in app/code/local directory.

Can any one suggest me the solution for this issues?

Any help much appreciated.

Many Thanks

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Magento controllers are not autoloaded the same as other classes (blocks, models etc.), if you wish to overload it, your best bet is to configure your own controller to get checked before it in the routing.

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Very Thanks @ Cags – Maniprakash Chinnasamy Dec 13 '12 at 9:00

Let me show you how i have overridden customer controller

in app/code/local/'your company'/'your module name'/etc/config.xml

enable custom module

<config> <modules> <company_module> <active>true</active> <codePool>local</codePool> </company_module> </modules> </config>

Route custom module path

<frontend> <routers> <company_module> <use>standard</use> <args> <module>company_module</module> <frontName>customer</frontName> </args> </company_module> </routers> </frontend>

rewrite class

<global> <rewrite> <company_module_address> <from><![CDATA[#^/address/#]]></from> <to>/customer/address/</to> </company_module_address> </rewrite> </global>

at app/code/local/company/module/controllers/AddressController.php


require_once 'Mage/Customer/controllers/AddressController.php';

class Company_Module_AddressController extends Mage_Customer_AddressController { //Show your magic here }

Hope this helps... Thanks

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