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I would like to view multiple areas of memory at the same time in OllyDbg but there seems to be only a single "Dump" windows, which is activated by the "Show in Dump" command. Is there any way to get multiple such windows open?

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Yes. You can have multiple Dump windows open.

Here is one way of going about it:

  • Goto the 'Memory Map' window ( Window > Memory Map or Click the 'M' button).
  • Once you're here, you can click on the memory segment of your choice.
  • That will bring up a new Dump window.

You can do this any number of times to bring up more Dump windows.

Also, while in the Dump window(s), you can use Ctrl+G to bring the 'Enter address to follow' prompt. Enter the address that you want to jump to here.

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