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Okay, I've signed up for Google Apps Business, I've enabled provisioning in the settings. I've created a group named 'test'. I've added my e-mail as owner of the group 'myEmail@gmail.com' as well as my 'admin@myTestDomain.mygbiz.com'.

Here is my code in Python, using Aptana studio :

import gdata.apps.groups.client

groupClient = gdata.apps.groups.client.GroupsProvisioningClient(domain='myTestDomain.mygbiz.com')
groupClient.ClientLogin(email='admin@myTestDomain.mygbiz.com', password='myPassword', source='apps')
groupClient.AddMemberToGroup('test', 'emailToAdd@gmail.com')

I've tried to do this in many different ways with no success. Anyone have some ideas? Your help would be appreciated.

Screenshots: Google settings Google settings my code in Aptana

edit 1: I should note that I've also used my actual e-mail on mygbiz domain as owner of the group with no success.

edit 2: I have also enabled my google groups as 'public' in my settings and have allowed owners to add members from outside of the domain.

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Is the email that you're logging in with an admin account for your domain or is it actually a consumer Gmail account? –  hexedpackets Dec 12 '12 at 19:22
@William, I've tried both. I'll update the code on the question. –  Russell Dec 12 '12 at 19:33

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Silly mistake. I forgot to include gdata in my 'site-packages' folder. It works now.

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