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I'm trying to make a timeline for an the bugs and updates for an open source project. I'm new to ruby, but I'm getting some experience gradually.

I've created a table called historical_gems, with the following code in the model:

class HistoricalGem < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_accessible :build_date, :version
  belongs_to :ruby_gem, :foreign_key => :gem_id

I'm using a JS Plugin ( that requires objects with two field names ('start' for the date and 'content' for the title) in the JSON Array to display the timeline using JS.

I believe I have to do something like this in the controller which defines my timeline method to render the JSON:

def timelinem
@name = params[:id]
@rpm = AbcTable.find_by_name(@name)
respond_to do |format|
  format.json { render :json => @rpm.json_timelines }

Then I probably would have to define a 'json_timelines' method inside my model, maybe something like:

def json_timelines(gems = [])
    dates = []
    gem_id.each { |p|
        gems << p
        dates << p.build_date(gems)

I'm only starting out with RoR, and even after hours with guides and tutorials and debugging, I'm not able to put together this code. Can anyone help me out, please? I don't think I'm doing it right.

btw, don't be too harsh if I overlooked something obvious, I'm only 16 :)

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The render :json => ... in your code should work fine (but with HistoricalGem instead of AbcTable) as long as json_timelines returns an object that's serializable as JSON (e.g., an Array or a Hash).

Try something like this for your method definition:

def json_timelines(gems = []) do |g|
      :content => g.title,
      :date    => g.build_date

The above snippet assumes your "historical_gems" table has "title" and "build_date" columns; if not, adjust the code to reflect the fields you actually want represented in your JSON.

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Thanks! Can I render the json to a particular file, so that I can request it from the view, and the request invokes another method which puts the generated JSON into /stats/gemname/jsonfile.json ? Is there a way I can achieve this with the json_timelines function itself? – 17andLearning Dec 12 '12 at 19:46

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