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I'm trying to build a cross-browser way for select boxes to let the user click the same option twice. Because IE doesn't recognize the click event for options, you have to use onchange, but then clicking the same one twice doesn't change it.

My solution was to create an extra option at the top that usually says "Select Option..." but which changes to the option selected when the select box is not in use. That way, it looks like the user selected their option, but really the option's select event was triggered, the first option's text was changed to match it, and the first option was selected, so that the user can later select the same option twice and trigger the onchange event.

Things were going pretty well, and my code was/is:

var dropdown = document.createElement("select");

dropdown.onchange = function(){

var blank = document.createElement("option");
blank.innerHTML = "Select Option...";
blank.clickevent = function(){

dropdown.onfocus = function(){
  this.childNodes[0].innerHTML = "Select Option...";

dropdown.onblur = function(){
  this.childNodes[0].innerHTML = selectedOptText || "Select Option...";

This was working as expected in all browsers. The only problem was that in Internet Explorer, when I click on the select box, it focuses and switches the text of the top option to "Select Option...", but then does not drop down.

I've tried:

  • using textContent
  • using setTimeout
  • using return true
  • setting onfocus to nothing, calling it, and then setting it back
  • calling onclick
  • looking up how to open the dropdown with pure JavaScript, which led me to this answer, which sounded nice until I tried the Fiddle and it didn't work.

The only attempt that really was even interesting was using setTimeout, where I learned that the operation of setting the innerHTML property was actually shutting the select box. Because I could open it, but then i.e. 2000 seconds later the text would change and it would close again.

I only see this behavior in Internet Explorer - in Firefox, everything works perfectly.

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Are you using the multiple attribute in the select? – steveax Dec 12 '12 at 21:06
No I am not using it. – Andrew Latham Dec 12 '12 at 21:50

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