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I would like to set up an AppEngine service locally. Everything compiles, but when i try to run the project, I get this error:

SEVERE: Received exception processing C:\Users\eazyigz\Google Drive\Books\Android eBooks\Apress Practical Android Projects\PracticalAndroidProjectsSourceCode\Projects\08_GameService\war\WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml appengine-web.xml does not contain a element. See for more information. You probably want to enable concurrent requests. at at at at at at at$StartAction.apply( at$ParseResult.applyArgs( at at

When I do enable threadsafe, Eclipse shows this compilation error: enter image description here

I simply don't understand what is happening. Can somebody shed some light?

Thank you, Igor

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You should put <threadsafe> into appengine-web.xml file, not web.xml

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Duh, that figures – Igor Ganapolsky Dec 12 '12 at 19:48

You need to add true to the file "appengine-web.xml" instead of the "web.xml"

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