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The new visual theme picker is awesome! Thank you! We can finally "dim the lights". Although, black and, specially, blue fonts, on a dark background, are hard on the eyes. Is there some sort of editable CSS like file that we can tune?

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The quick answer is to look in the files in this folder:


(where r15948 is the version of the editor)

This contains a series of xml files - one per theme, where you can edit the relevant color values.

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Thank you Mr. Buckett...that's what I was looking for... –  Adolfo Barreto Dec 13 '12 at 4:48

If you look at Preferences >> Visual Theme, it says:

Download more themes or create your own on It also lets you import themes.

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Thank you...I did see that more themes could be imported. It's really too much to ask, and my sound a bit selfish, but I wish the theme would change automatically between Dart, HTML, and CSS I'm going to try to edit the "plugins\\themes" file. Thanks agian. –  Adolfo Barreto Dec 13 '12 at 4:47

Hannes Rammer built an open source tool for this

also available online at

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