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I'm running under Green Hills INTEGRITY 5.0.10 targeting a Marvell Monahans PXA 320. For development, I'm using MULTI 4.2.3 and my language of choice is C++.

I'm just learning about INTEGRITY memory management and am wondering about use of dynamic memory.

I would like to use std::string, std::map, etc. Of course, these require a heap. May I use these classes? More generally, may I use the heap directly (new / delete)?

Thanks, Dave

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I have never used INTEGRITY but is there anything preventing you from creating a custom allocator then passing that to std::string or std::map? –  NtscCobalt Dec 12 '12 at 20:15

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Green Hills is not targeting the super-tiny, severely resource-constrained embedded microcontrollers with their INTEGRITY OS or MULTI IDE, so in their market they wouldn't get very far if their proprietary C++ compiler didn't support STL or a heap in general. The following web pages seem to support this:



So I'd say "Yes, you may use std::string, std::map, malloc(), new, etc."

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Yes. I develop on INTEGRITY 5.0.11 and Multi 4.2.4 and you can use all that stuff.

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