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I've converted an .shp file, downloaded from Zillow, to .kml using the "Quantum GIS Desktop", when I loaded it on the map I found that I can't click inside of the boundary to get the name of the county since Google has drawn the boundaries using polylines, I can only click on the line which is very unusable. You can see what I mean on this page:

So I was wondering if there was an easy way to tell the Google Maps API to draw polygons instead of polylines? Perhaps there's a way, while converting .shp to .kml file in the Quantum, to tell the boundaries to be polygons and not polylines? ..If I open the converted file in Google Earth I can click inside of the region and get the default data without any problems.

And if there's no any easy options, then probably I could draw the polygons manually but I'm not sure how to extract the latitude/longitude from a .kml file using Google Maps API and if it's possible?


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Looking at your KML, they are Polygons. You have them styled the way they are being displayed:


I think you want



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That was even simpler than I anticipated. It worked! Thank you for your response and all the best! – Sonny Hudson Dec 12 '12 at 20:59

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