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In my rspec integration tests, when I have an assertion such as:

assert page.has_content? some_value

if the assertion fails, it displays:

Failed assertion, no message given

The minitest docs say "All assertion methods accept a msg which is printed if the assertion fails" but I cannot find any examples of HOW to specify the message. These are NOT valid syntax:

assert("custom fail msg") page.has_content? some_value

assert page.has_content? some_value, "custom fail msg"
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assert page.has_content?(some_value), "custom fail msg"

Assuming I have reproduced your error properly, the issue with your second attempt is that Ruby thinks that "custom fail msg" is a parameter of the page.has_content? rather than the assert. Adding the brackets around the paramaters for the page.has_content? should resolve the issue.

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Thank you - I surely did not see that documented anywhere else, and your explanation makes perfect sense. –  jpwynn Dec 14 '12 at 3:24

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