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I'd like to have a home page that contains a list of links to other parts of my app. So, instead of having harcoded hrefs like <a href="@controllers.routes.SomeModel.show(someModel.ean)"> I figured I'd create a Link object like that contains a list of links that I can pass to that page through the controller and then render each link. But I'm not clear on how to actually reference the link.

 case class Link(name: String, route: String)

    object Link {
      val links = Set(Link("SomeModels", controllers.SomeModels.list.toString()),
        Link("Products", controllers.Products.list.toString()))

      def allLinks = links.toList

And I wanted to use this like this:

@(links: List[Link])(implicit flash: Flash, lang: Lang)
@main("welcome to my awesome play app") {
<dl class="models">
    @for(link <- links) {
        <a href=@link.route>

But it doesn't work obviously because those actually link to http://localhost:9000/Action(parser=BodyParser(anyContent)) so how can I do this?

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You need to put ".routes" between "controllers" and you Controller name and use the method "url":

case class Link(name: String, route: String)

object Link {
  val links = List(Link("SomeModels", controllers.routes.SomeModels.list.url),
    Link("Products", controllers.routes.Products.list.url))

  def allLinks = links.toList

I made a gist with working code for play 2.0.4: https://gist.github.com/4275931

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Works great, thanks! –  LuxuryMode Dec 13 '12 at 17:05

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