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I am using MongoDB with Node.JS. I have a collection which contains a date and other rows. The date is a JavaScript Date object.

How can I sort this collection by date?

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simple , collection.find().sort({datefield: 1}, function(err, cursor){...}); or you can also use collection.find().sort({datefield: -1}, function(err, cursor){...}); –  Atul Jain Jan 14 at 8:05

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Just a slight modification to @JohnnyHK answer

collection.find().sort({datefield: -1}, function(err, cursor){...});

In many use cases we wish to have latest records to be returned (like for latest updates / inserts).

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Sorting by date doesn't require anything special. Just sort by the desired date field of the collection.

Updated for the 1.4.28 node.js native driver, you can sort ascending on datefield using any of the following ways:

collection.find().sort({datefield: 1}).toArray(function(err, docs) {...});
collection.find().sort('datefield', 1).toArray(function(err, docs) {...});
collection.find().sort([['datefield', 1]]).toArray(function(err, docs) {...});
collection.find({}, {sort: {datefield: 1}}).toArray(function(err, docs) {...});
collection.find({}, {sort: [['datefield', 1]]}).toArray(function(err, docs) {...});

'asc' or 'ascending' can also be used in place of the 1.

To sort descending, use 'desc', 'descending', or -1 in place of the 1.

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Sushant Gupta's answers are a tad bit outdated and don't work anymore.

The following snippet should be like this now :

collection.find({}, {"sort" : ['datefield', 'asc']} ).toArray(function(err,docs) {});

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@JohnnyHK Sweet. I don't remember the exact scenario, but last summer I was trying to get the sort to work with Sushant's snippet and it just wasn't working for me. Perhaps it is because it was lacking the toArray part. –  krikara Jan 15 at 3:06

Additional Square [ ] Bracket is required for sorting parameter to work.

collection.find({}, {"sort" : [['datefield', 'asc']]} ).toArray(function(err,docs) {});
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This worked for me:

collection.find({}, {"sort" : [['datefield', 'asc']]}, function (err, docs) { ... });

Using Node.js, Express.js, and Monk

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