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I have a bunch of pictures in a table. The pictures are also used with a lightbox function. the simplified code is

<a href="images/december122012.jpg" rel="lightbox[group1]" title="December 12, 2012"      value="1" id="december122012" name="december122012"><img src="images/december122012.jpg" width="100px"></a>
<a href="images/december142012.jpg" rel="lightbox[group1]" title="December 14, 2012"      value="1" id="december142012" name="december142012"><img src="images/december142012.jpg" width="100px"></a>

what I want to do is have a function that will add the values of the various images. I read the following code to use somewhere but the alert just says undefined.

var val2 = parseInt(december122012.value);
alert (val2.value);

after I get the values to be assigned correctly I'm wanting to do something like

var year2012= december122012.value + december142012.value
alert (year2012);

thanks for the help!

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<a> elements should not have value attributes. Use data attributes instead. – Bergi Dec 12 '12 at 20:22

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Try using document.getElementById("december122012").value.

This will get the value from the "a" elements. The "img" elements do not have a value attribute.

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I did this and it returned "undefined". any other suggestions? – user1898932 Dec 19 '12 at 17:13

You can not just reference an element by a string, you need to use getElementById or getElementsByName. And when you are reading the attributes, they will be strings so you will have to convert them to numbers.

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