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Dojo grids implement sorting by by issuing requests to REST webservices like so:

GET http://server/request?sort(+id)

Where sort(+id) is the direction (+/-) and the column to sort on.

Currently I'm doing this, and it works, but its ugly:

public Collection<RequestDataWithCurrentStatus> getAllRequests() {
    Collection<RequestDataWithCurrentStatus> col = new ArrayList<RequestDataWithCurrentStatus>();


//handle the various types of sorting that can be requested by the dojo widget
String queryString = this.request.getQueryString();

//parse the dojo sort string 'sort(+id)' and sort

return col;


This method uses a RESTEasy injected @Context private HttpServletRequest request to get access to the raw query string.

I feel like I should be able to map this query string to one of RESTEasy's @*Param annotations in my getAllRequests() invocation. But according to the documentation for RESTEasy, there doesn't seem to be a good mapping to the screwy dojo query string from the doc. I want to do something like this:

public Collection<RequestDataWithCurrentStatus> getAllRequests( @DojoQueryParam String sort) {

How do I marshal dojo grid query strings to RESTEasy webservice methods the right way?

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I have scarce experience with the old stores / dojox grids, but in case you are using dojo/store/JsonRest: You can change the way it sends the sort param with sortParam. Shamelessly snagged from the reference guide:

var store = new JsonRest({
  target: "/FooObject/",
  sortParam: "sortBy"

This should make requests on the form /foo/bar?sortBy=+id.

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Awesome! I was so focused on bending RESTEasy to my will that I didn't even think of just making the client side do the right thing. I completely overlooked that 'sortParam' property. Thanks! – awm129 Dec 13 '12 at 14:30

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