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hi i need to capture the loading time of each http object such as img src="" and script src=""

if it is impossible to loop the http elements, i can build an array and than loop that

i know that i can use firebug, but i need that inside js


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Something like:

<script>var startTimeForXX = +new Date;</script>
<img src="" onload="calculateEndTime(stateTimeForXX, +new Date);" />

Should do it.

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thanks, but. this way ill have to change my entire website. is there a way listen to "onLoadStarts"? because i can write an out side loop script with out going over the entire HTML. im using Jquery if that helps. Thanks Again! –  fatnjazzy Sep 6 '09 at 4:24
You can use jQuery to attach to all on-load events; but the point is you'll need to start a counter at the writing of each element, to determine exactly how long the specific loading for that one takes. So you're better off doing it as I showed, and using some hashmap to track them all. –  Noon Silk Sep 6 '09 at 4:37

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