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I use sphinx for indexing on my development environment, and it is working fine. But when i take it to the server. I can index and I have the indexes with search working on them, but everytime I run the command: searchd --config configfile , it gives me an error:

Failed to lock .spl file, no such file or directory. not indexing

Fatal: no valid indexes to serve.

I gave permissions to write to that directory, so I am pretty sure it is not a permission issue. What could it be? Help please, it's been two weeks of trying to solve it with no success. I am really frustrated. Thanks

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You need to give us more detaled information to help you. But this is not a programming question, you'd better to ask it at serverfault. By the way tje question is not related to PHP. –  Valera Leontyev Dec 12 '12 at 20:25
Okay thanks will do –  Pacemaker Dec 12 '12 at 20:30

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The files that is indexed by Indexer are located at /usr/local/sphinx/var/data.

Firstly, run indexer to create indexes files.if you already made check these out below:

Be sure that the indexed source file (.spl, .spd, .sph, .spk ... etc.) which is used by searchd in while searching, is located there (/usr/local/sphinx/var/data)

Look at your config file's indexer configuration part (related ones) there is a line ( path = /usr/local/sphinx2/var/data/srcDeltaUpdate ) or must be.

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