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I've been trying to get BeagleBone work with OpenCV and a capture camera, but I couldn't manage to do it so far. I use Logitech C270 webcam. Here is what I did so far:

  1. I installed OpenCV binaries and tried my camera. Capture didn't work. I downloaded the latest version from Git and compiled it. Then it worked on my desktop.
  2. Since Ångström have pre-installed OpenCV, I directly tried to connect the webcam. But I had "select timeout" errors and when I saved the captured image, it was all black.
  3. I deleted OpenCV from Ångström (opkg remove opencv and opencv-dev). It said it worked, but libraries were still in /usr. So I deleted them manually and copied libraries that I cross-compiled in my host. But now, I cannot even connect to camera. Capture returns null again.

I checked opkg list-installed, still OpenCV 2.4 is listed there. However, libraries in /usr/lib and include are the ones that I copied. How can I fix this problem?

Note: Webcam is recognized by Ångström, and dmesg shows successful connection to the webcam.

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Try downloading vlc using opkg and stream the video from camera. Does that work? –  Anoop K. Prabhu Jan 17 '13 at 10:58

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It seems something was wrong on installation of Linux itself. I re-compiled the latest Ångström and installed it to BeagleBone. Everything worked fine as it should. It seems sometimes it's better to take the hard way.

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