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Please forgive my ignorance. I'm running WordPress 3.5 and just installed Lightbox Plus. I've checked and double checked setting and it should be automatically adding the rel="lightbox[uniqueID|filename]" attribute to image links, but it's not.

I've checked my header.php and the hook "" is there.

Here's the link added form the gallery.

I've tried manually installing the attribute, but it doesn't work either. just opens the image in a new tab.

Example 2 (manually imputed rel)

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I'd something similar one time, I think that is a plugin-conflict, try to disable the others and then check again –  damoiser Dec 12 '12 at 20:43
can you add a link to the "live" problem? –  Obmerk Kronen Dec 12 '12 at 21:08

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I think it would be a script conflict issue, I seem to have this same problem all the time.

If you're not 100% set on using Lightbox Plus then give Fancybox a shot, it's always worked for me when Lightbox Plus hasn't.


Can also be added manually (the Fancybox script) and then triggered automatically for all links that link to an image file using this code:

 var select = $('a[href$=".bmp"],a[href$=".gif"],a[href$=".jpg"],a[href$=".jpeg"],a[href$=".png"],a[href$=".BMP"],a[href$=".GIF"],a[href$=".JPG"],a[href$=".JPEG"],a[href$=".PNG"],.fancybox');

    helpers : {
        overlay : {
            css : {
                'background' : 'rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.3)'

Update You don't need the helpers, that's where you put config options if you have any - see the Fancybox docs.

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