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I'm writing an Rmd file, to be processed by knitr into HTML. It contains some R chunks that generate figures, which get stored as data URIs in HTML.

1) How do I add a caption to such an image? I'd like to have a caption that says something like "Figure 3: blah blah blah", where the "3" is automatically generated.

2) How do I later on reference this image, i.e., "as you can see in Figure 3, blah blah".

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  1. You can create the figure numbers with a simple counter in R; see one example here. The problem is whether the markdown renderer will render the figure caption for you; RStudio won't, and Pandoc will.
  2. I do not know. There is no direct way to insert a label as an identifier for figures, so it is probably not possible to cross reference figures with pure Markdown. Once you've got issues like this, think (1) do I really need it? (2) if it is intended to be a document with a complicated structure, I think it is better to use LaTeX directly (Rnw documents).
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One way to do both of these is described here: http://rmflight.github.io/posts/2012/10/papersinRmd.html

Another is described here (but I don't know if it does your #2). http://gforge.se/2014/01/fast-track-publishing-using-knitr-part-iii/

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